Lighting solution

Remotely manage / schedule lights or create automated changes in interior and exterior lighting levels to set the right ambience according to the occasion. You don’t need a separate master switch anymore.

A single click in Otohom app can be turned into a master switch that can turn off or on everything that’s connected. ​Otohom provides you top quality lighting control that you can turn on or off, dim light intensity, operate using touch switch or through Otohom mobile app.

Otohom provides you professional designers with the tools to fully implement their designs and users with the full enjoyment of their luxury spaces. With lighting specifically tailored to your needs, you can change the mood of any room to fit the occasion. Whether you are dining, entertaining or enjoying TV, press a single button to create the perfect atmosphere. For instance, by pressing “good night,” you turn off all the lights in your space.

With “pathway,” you can light your way to descend the stairs. Smart-lighting control also encourages a safe environment by linking to your security system to turn on all the lights if the system detects a problem. With a lighting-control system, you’ll save energy. Whether your needs are for existing or new construction, we can create the ideal lighting solution for you. Otohom provide you top quality lighting control you can turn on/off, or dim lighting or operated from by touch switch, or from otohom mobile app, or by voice Alexa, google home.


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