Hospitality systems


Elevate your guests' experience with Grandeur, Otohom's innovative hospitality solution. Seamlessly integrating smart technology, it offers unparalleled convenience, comfort, and luxury for an unforgettable stay.

Smart Door Panel

Control everything from the smart door panel – access, alarms, and personalised settings.
Alarm Bell
Stay alert with our advanced alarm system, ensuring guest safety and peace of mind.
DND, Cleaning, Wait Mode
Manage privacy and service seamlessly with the Do Not Disturb, Cleaning, and Wait Mode features, allowing guests to customise their experience effortlessly.

Key Card Holder

Experience unparalleled convenience with our smart key card holder, seamlessly integrating secure access and room automation. Insert your key card to activate personalised lighting, climate, and entertainment settings instantly. Enhanced security ensures only authorised guests control amenities while removing the card activates energy-saving mode. Customise settings to adapt the room to your preferences upon entry. Manage the key card holder and room controls via a user-friendly mobile app for effortless control from anywhere.

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