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Make your hotel smarter with Otohom's modern home automation systems. Their easy-to-use technology gives guests and staff more convenience, safety, and comfort. Let Otohom bring your hospitality business into the future. With Otohom, you can control lights, temperatures, and security all from one simple system. Provide a modern, high-tech experience for your guests.


Revolutionising Guest Check-in and Access Control.

Otohom's innovative guest access solutions streamline the check-in process and enhance room security through cutting-edge technologies like facial recognition, digital keys, and biometric verification methods.

  • Facial recognition for effortless check-in.
  • Digital key entry for secure room access.
  • Biometric verification for enhanced security.
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Elevating In-Room Automation and Personalisation

Elevate the guest experience with Otohom's intelligent in-room automation. Customisable settings for lighting, temperature, and entertainment systems ensure a tailored and comfortable stay. Integration with voice assistants adds convenience at the command of a word.

  • Automated lighting control: Guests can control the lighting in their rooms through automated settings or voice commands, creating the desired ambience for any occasion.
  • Smart thermostat integration: Otohoms solutions integrate with smart thermostats, allowing guests to adjust the temperature according to their preferences and maintain a comfortable environment throughout their stay.
  • Voice-enabled entertainment systems: Guests can control in-room entertainment systems, such as televisions, music players, and streaming services, using voice commands, providing a seamless and hands-free experience.
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Enhancing Sleep Quality with Smart Bedside Solutions

Optimise the sleep environment with Otohom's bedside automation, promoting restful nights and rejuvenating mornings.

    Unique Sleep Mode for Uninterrupted Tranquility

    Enjoy undisturbed slumber with Otohom's Sleep Mode, which silences notifications and adjusts lighting for optimal relaxation.

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    Bedside Smart Panels for Enhanced Service Accessibility

    Otohom's bedside smart panel integration allows guests to request assistance effortlessly. With a simple gesture, guests can connect with staff for prompt and personalised service, ensuring their needs are met without leaving the comfort of their room.

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      Admin Dashboard

      Otohom's advanced admin dashboard provides a centralised control hub for efficient property management. Monitor and adjust systems, track guest preferences, and analyse data insights to optimise operations and deliver exceptional experiences.

      • Real-time system monitoring: Monitor the status and performance of all connected systems in real-time, ensuring smooth operations and proactive maintenance.
      • Guest preference tracking: Track individual guest preferences for room settings, amenities, and services, enabling personalised experiences during their stay.
      • Predictive maintenance alerts: Receive proactive alerts for potential system issues, allowing for timely maintenance and minimising disruptions to guest experiences.
      • Energy management analytics: Analyse energy consumption data to identify optimisation areas, reduce operational costs, and promote sustainability initiatives.
      • Customisable automation schedules: Create and manage automation schedules for various hotel operations, ensuring efficient resource utilisation and consistent service delivery.
      • Remote access and control: Access and control systems remotely, enabling efficient management and quick response to guest requests or system issues.

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