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Comfort your hospitality services with Magna, Otohom's premium smart solution. Seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology and unparalleled luxury, it redefines the art of guest comfort and convenience.

Smart Door Panel

Control access, security, and personalised settings effortlessly from the smart door panel.

Our advanced Guest Room Management System (GRMS) offers comprehensive control over every aspect of the guest experience. From check-in to checkout, it streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and ensures a seamless, hassle-free stay for your valued patrons.

Expedite the check-in process with our seamless integration.

Streamline housekeeping services with real-time room status updates.

Respect guest privacy with the intuitive Do Not Disturb feature.

Welcome Mode

Elevate the arrival experience with our thoughtfully curated Welcome Mode. As guests enter their sanctuary, they're greeted by a personalised ambience, with lighting, temperature, and entertainment settings tailored to their preferences, creating an unforgettable first impression.

Intelligent corridor lighting and climate control optimise energy efficiency while ensuring a warm, inviting atmosphere for guests as they navigate the premises.

Intelligent Quick Service
Guests can effortlessly request services or amenities with a single touch, ensuring their needs are met promptly and efficiently.


Enjoy superior climate control with our intelligent thermostat system. Intuitive and user-friendly, it allows guests to customise the temperature to their desired level of comfort. Advanced sensors continuously monitor conditions, making real-time adjustments to maintain optimal levels. Energy-efficient algorithms ensure minimal wastage while delivering exceptional comfort. Seamlessly integrated with other smart features, the thermostat adapts to your preferences, creating a personalised oasis tailored to your needs.

Bedside Panels

Conveniently control every aspect of your room from the bedside panels. Adjust lighting, entertainment, privacy settings, and more with a simple touch, ensuring a truly personalised experience.

Light Mode, Camera View, Sleep Mode, Leisure Mode
Tailor your surroundings to suit your mood with our thoughtfully designed modes. Light Mode offers energising illumination, while Camera View provides real-time monitoring for enhanced security. Unwind with Sleep Mode's soothing ambience, or embrace relaxation with Leisure Mode's inviting atmosphere – all at your fingertips.

Unique Sleep Aid System
Indulge in a perfect sleep with our Unique Sleep Aid System. As you prepare for bed, soft music plays in the background, curtains gently close, and lights gradually dim, creating a calming cocoon. Advanced features like white noise and aromatherapy further enhance the experience, lulling you into a deep, rejuvenating sleep.

Automatic Fragrance Dispensing
Awaken your senses with our automatic fragrance dispensing system. Customisable scent profiles surround you with inviting aromas, transporting you to a world of tranquillity and indulgence.

Read Mode, Film Mode, Mute
Whether you're seeking a quiet retreat or an immersive entertainment experience, our versatile modes have you covered. Read Mode provides optimal lighting for a cosy, focused ambience, while Film Mode transforms your room into a personal theatre. Mute mode ensures undisturbed quiet, allowing you to fully disconnect and recharge.

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