Smart Irrigation

Otohom smart irrigation solution is capable of automating the irrigation process by controlling the irrigation sprinklers. Multiple sprinkler zones can be controlled and also scheduling of the irrigation is also possible.​ Smart irrigation system ensures the optimal use of water using various sensors and flexible way of scheduling the irrigation.

Automated Sprinkler Systems

An automatic sprinkler system is a home improvement project worth considering. Not only will it help maintain a healthy beautiful landscape which you can enjoy with your friends and family, but it’s the most convenient and efficient way to ensure your landscape gets the water it needs without over-or under-watering. When it is properly installed and maintained an automatic sprinkler system will help conserve water too.

In fact, an automatic sprinkler system is one of the best investments that you can make for your home. Just ask anyone who has one. There is no easier or more cost-effective way to beautify your home, increase its value, and save yourself time and money.


We would be providing you smart irrigation services. That scientifically calculates a customized irrigation schedule for specific landscape needs. The system automatically adjusts irrigation schedules on/off can be controlled from touch switch or from otohom mobile app, or by voice Alexa, google home.