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It’s not a fancy light bulb or a smartphone app, though they can surely help! It’s the intertwining of your home’s lighting, the various functions you can generate with it, and the various ways you can control it all. You can dim lights or alter colours and hues in every (and every) room, turn individual fixtures or groups of lights on and off, and set a certain mood using  voice assistants, or your mobile app. Set a full setting with only one action, such as dimming the kitchen lights to a specific percentage, starting a song on the speakers, and locking the front door. The most intelligent aspect of smart lighting is that it encompasses more than just illumination. Otohom home automation solutions can provide the best lighting automation


Smart lighting wouldn’t be too smart if you could just operate it with Otohom touch panel switches, right? You may also use an app on your phone, tablet, or voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa to manage your lighting around your home using Otohom Lighting solutions. When you’re working in the kitchen and your hands are busy, simply ask Alexa or Google to turn up the lights for you. Use the smartphone app to dim the lights for the movie while you’re snuggled up on the couch. Use the mobile app to turn on the ambiance of the outside lights while you’re out on the patio enjoying the evening.

Advantages Of Smart Lighting

Keep your home safe while you are away

Burglars are less likely to target your home if you use smart lighting. With remote management features, you can turn lights on and off from your phone while you’re away, exactly like you would at home, using the Otohom App; ideal for when you’re on vacation or just out for the night.

Make the holidays more enjoyable.

You’ll never have to travel the entire house to turn off and on the lights again if you add a little extra spirit to your holiday decor. Without having to raise a festive finger, simply ask Alexa or Google to turn on exterior lights or have them turn on and off at a certain time every night, along with other decorations.

Be eco-friendly

Smart lighting can help you save energy in a variety of ways. For most preset situations, the lights can stay at 70 percent brightness. Exterior lights may be turned on at a specific time in the evening to avoid getting home to a dark house, and then turned off at a specific time in the morning to avoid wasting energy if someone forgets to flip the switches the next day.

Otohom Home Automations is your way to smart home solutions…