Benefits Of otohom Smart Door Locks

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. Locking Systems That Are Compatible With Smartphones

We’ve all experienced how tough it can be to find our keys at times. Perhaps you’re holding grocery bags or attempting to deal with a crying toddler. Keys are easily misplaced, lost, or forgotten. You can quickly unlock the doors with your smartphone, access card, fingerprint, or you can control your doors with Amazon Alexa or Google Home and you may even configure the number locks for your smart doors with otohom smart lock doors.

.E-Keys and the Ability to Send Them

You can send an E-key to individuals who need entry to your building using smart locks. These E-keys can be removed whenever necessary. Smart locks provide a lot of benefits, but this one might be the best.

.Improved Safety

You may have the ultimate safety and security with otohom smart door locks. With otohom smart doors, you’ll always know who’s entering your home, and you’ll get a notification on your phone whenever the doors are opened or closed. You may also add features like remote monitoring or integrate your smart lock into a whole home or office security system.

Otohom is an ambitious extension of Lanware solutions, a well known IT/ IOT company. We expertise in Industrial iot as well.