Benefits of smart lighting solutions.

Lighting design and control is the number one requirement for the modern home, not only does it allow you to easily switch off and on everything using your mobile app or voice control , it also facilitates moods and scenes that will transform your living space into a better space .Switch to Otohom Home automation solutions for a smart home and smart living. Some of the advantages of smart lighting solutions are discussed below.

1: Convenience

smart lights, first and foremost, allow you to illuminate your entire home at the same time. It saves a lot of time to be able to simply snap your fingers and go from on to off in every room at the same time. Going to bed is also simple. While you're snuggled up warm in bed, every light can stay on. You can programme automatic timers to sync your lights with the sunrise and sunset. You can programme automatic timers to sync your lights with the sunrise and sunset. When you leave the house, your lights can be set to turn off and on automatically. Your lights can be set to cruise control with very little initial setup.

2: Energy conservation

If your home still uses incandescent light bulbs and you're going to switch to LEDs anyway, you might as well splurge and take advantage of some of the extra benefits. Smart lights don't just save energy because they're LEDs; they also save money.

You can ensure that you're only using lights when and where they're needed by automating and remotely controlling which lights are on. This can further reduce the amount of electricity used, which is already quite low due to the LED. In the end, you'll save money on your electric bill while also helping the environment by reducing your reliance on the grid.

3: Sync the lights with the music.

Entertainment sync is one of the more advanced features available in smart lighting systems, but it's a powerful feature. You can associate the smart lights in your room to mirror the dominant colors in that area by monitoring the video signal going to your TV and mapping the colors appearing around the edges. If you're watching a movie and an explosion occurs on the left side of the screen, the entire side of the room can light up in yellows and oranges. This creates a level of immersion unlike any other

4: Security

Smart lights can actually make your home more secure. You can remotely turn lights off and on, no matter how far away you are, but the real convenience is when you get a smart lighting system that has a dedicated away mode. These will routinely and randomly cycle your lights off and on, so any potential observers would assume there’s some sign of life inside. Many smart lights can be activated by motion triggers as well. This feature is super important in outdoor lighting and can easily deter anyone trying to sneak in the back door.

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