gate control

Advanced control of Gate/Garage doors is an integral part of home/building automation solution. Otohom Gate/Garage automation provides a convenient way to remotely operate your gates/garages.​ The gate automation solution helps in a great way to control the gates/garages when you arrive or leave and also to control access to your visitors. Swing, Sliding and barrier are the major types of gates and with Otohom, you can controls both types.

Swing Gate Controller

Swing Gate Controller: These controllers are perfect for opening and closing a swing type gate. Swing gate controllers are available in various configurations and differences in voltages, horsepower, and phases. In cooperation with other access devices, a swing gate controller will provide security, convenience and prestige to your residence.

​Slide Gate Operators

Slide Gate Operators:These operators are perfect for functioning an overhead track or cantilever gate.  Similar to Swing Gate Operators, consideration must be given to the type of gate, length, weight, and cycles of use. Slide gate operators come in various configurations and differences in voltages, horsepower.  In cooperation with other access devices, a slide gate operator will provide security and convenience to your gate.


Barrier Arm Controller

Barrier Arm Controller : For controlling the flow of traffic, these controllers place an arm across the lane of traffic. With the use of various access devices, the arm can be easily raised or lowered. These Operators are available with various length arms. 

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