Home theatre is an emerging segment and it needs automation solution to complement the high end systems used. Otohom’ s lighting, curtain, climate and sensor based controls makes it a seamless experience. We are also tied up with an industry leader for home theatre implementation including interiors and audio / video solutions.


Alexa and Google home are, voice-activated virtual assistants, knows a ton of cool tricks, but they are especially good at controlling smart devices (lights, fan, curtain etc.). Turning them on and off and dimming them up and down whenever you ask.


Asking Alexa to change the color of a lamp from white to red is about as cool as it comes. And gosh, you can make a similar request to the Google Assistant and go from red to blue, or orange. Is it any wonder that smart lighting has become one of the most popular categories in the growing smart home space
With Amazon Echo and Google Home products, you will need to go to their smartphone apps and add otohom skill, in order for them to understand your commands.

Suggested commands
“Turn on all the lights.”
“Turn off all the lights.”
“Make my kitchen brighter.”
“Dim the lights.”
“Brighten the lights in the living room to 75 percent.”
“Turn my kitchen lights green.”
“Set the lights in the den to Relax.”

Audio/ Video Automation

Automate your entertainment system including your home theater and multi-room audio system. Also simply activate “Movie” scene and the ambience for a perfect movie night will be set automatically. With a single tap on mobile app or touch switch, tv will be on, curtain will close, fan or air condition will be on at desired level and the lights will dim to desired level.`